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Mike and I are having fun with the Internet and with sharing our adventures and travels with our friends.  We hope that the result of our efforts will be educational and entertaining (both for us and for you).  Come on in and take a look around.  And then send us an e-mail to let us know what you think of our efforts.
What’s New?

We decided we wanted a dog and had been scouring the SPCA’s and the pound.  We finally found just the right dog on Dec. 7th, 2002 (incidently Mike’s BD).  Her name is Brandy and she’s an Australian Shepherd.  She’s a wonderful companion and traveling buddy. 

There are 4 new pages of photos listed below.  Check ‘em out!

New  We’ve added a Net Cam to the site for live video.  This cam works whether or not there’s a computer running here since it’s got a built-in web server.

We’re married!  Click here for more info!                For those of you that didn’t see it, here’s the license plate on the Harley: 

Here are a few wedding photos to get you started! Photo link

Cable Internet

ATT Broadband has finally gotten cable Internet available in our neighborhood.  We signed up and went live on June 14, 2002.  So far, so good.  We’ve got no complaints and are quite happy with the speed.  I see that Comcast is going to be taking over ATTBI soon but that shouldn’t affect this site at all since we’re hosted by XO Communications.


Photo Pages

Pat’s Surprise Retirement Party – Jan. 5, 2002

Pat's Retirement Party

Wedding Photos – May 26, 2001

Wedding Photos - 1

Other Photos that have been on the site for awhile

The New House!
Old electric freight trucks.
Prudhoe Bay Grizley with cubs.
Pat and Forrests 40th Anniversary
Dennis' 18th Annual New Year's Day "Hangover Run"

Read about the 1999 New Year's Run

Australia photos – December 2000



12 Apostles (on the Great Ocean Road)

Blue Lake (near Mt. Gambier off The Great Ocean Road)

1999 Australia trip and photos!

A discussion of our 1999 trip.
Animal Photos    Birds, frogs, kangaroos and koalas, at the Rainforest Habitat in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland  

New Zealand photos (North Island) -– January 2001

Planes, Ferries, Trucks, etc.



Agro Dome


On The Road

New Zealand photos (South Island) – January 2001



The Southern Alps

Bungy Jumping


The West Coast


New Photo Pages

Brandy – Our wonderful dog!

Kendon 2-place Motorcycle Trailer

Australia 2002 (Sydney & Adelaide)

Christmas in Prudhoe Bay



Mike was using a Nikon Coolpix 950 up until November 2002.  His new camera (an early Christmas present from Michele, is the Canon G2. 

Michele uses the Canon S-100 Elph digital camera.

After the pictures are taken, we use the software Paint Shop Pro and Thumbs Plus to manipulate the images and create web pages.


Digital Camera Links

http://www.ckcpower.com                  Tom, in New York, is the kind of guy that finds a need and fills it.  We’ve bought monoculars from him to add “telephoto” to the Coolpix and S100.  we’ve bought the adapters from him to attach the monocular to the camera.  These are custom machined for each application.

http://www.thomasdistributing.com This is the place to go if you need rechargeable batteries and the special chargers for them.  Great customer service.


http://www.stevesdigicams.com         Great news and reviews

What's up next?


December 2005:  Off to Oz (Australia) with our Granddaughter Laura as a graduation gift.

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